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Change is coming!

I am so excited to finally let you know that major changes are happening behind the scenes with The Circle of Influence Membership Site! We have listened to your feedback and I believe what we are unrolling will be exciting and useful for all of you! Here is what you can expect: The price will be cut […]

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Teambuilding BootCamp 2017

Do you need new ice breakers? Do you want fresh team building ideas? Do you want to learn more about the value of debriefing team building activities? Do you coach an athletic team, teach in the classroom, or lead a workgroup? If so, Team Building BootCamp is for you! This is a FREE 5-day email […]

The Storm is coming

The storm is coming!!!

During the month of August, I worked with a large number of athletic teams, college student groups, and educators who were gearing up for the school year. Most of them brought me in to do team building. While the focus for each group was different most teams/groups at least touched on communication issues, conflict resolution, […]

Release the Brake

Release the Brake

I have a friend who wants to make a difference the world. He is smart, talented, thoughtful, and empathic. Each time we talk I am energized by his depth and his desire to use his influence in the world. His skill set, coupled with his love for humanity, provide him the avenue to be a true […]

More Gentle Blog

“I had to tell her to be more gentle.”

I recently had the opportunity to work with some young elite level soccer players. My work with them focused primarily on how they communicated with each other and how effective communication skills build a stronger team. I believe there is power in what we say and how we choose to say it. I was fortunate […]

Yes and no

Great Leaders: Say yes & no

I arrived early that morning and ordered some sweet tea, I know, not really the breakfast of champions but I love their sweet tea. I grabbed a table in the back of the restaurant and got my laptop out knowing I had hours of work ahead of me. For the next few hours I got […]

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Leadership Reboot 2017

Registration is now closed. Leadership Reboot will be offered again in January 2018! Are you interested in developing as a leader? Do you need to set aside some time to rethink leadership? Has it been awhile since you lasted invested in your own leadership journey? If so, Leadership Reboot is for you! This is a […]


The GoalKeeper: A Natural Leadership Position

I’ve spent twenty years of my life as a soccer coach and I can say with absolute certainty that having a good goalkeeper is crucial. Every successful team I’ve coached had a good goalkeeper. But the reality is a good goalkeeper isn’t enough, we need goalkeepers who are also willing to lead. In the same […]

Do I lead from the front or the back-

Do I lead from the front or the back?

The old-school model of leadership says; the leader is always in the front, at the top, and the first to be seen. As I work with groups, I teach a different model of which leadership which asks leaders to shift from a model of hierarchy to a model that views leadership as influence. With this […]