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Yes and no

Great Leaders: Say yes & no

I arrived early that morning and ordered some sweet tea, I know, not really the breakfast of champions but I love their sweet tea. I grabbed a table in the back of the restaurant and got my laptop out knowing I had hours of work ahead of me. For the next few hours I got […]

Reboot blog2

Leadership Reboot 2017

Registration is now closed. Leadership Reboot will be offered again in January 2018! Are you interested in developing as a leader? Do you need to set aside some time to rethink leadership? Has it been awhile since you lasted invested in your own leadership journey? If so, Leadership Reboot is for you! This is a […]


The GoalKeeper: A Natural Leadership Position

I’ve spent twenty years of my life as a soccer coach and I can say with absolute certainty that having a good goalkeeper is crucial. Every successful team I’ve coached had a good goalkeeper. But the reality is a good goalkeeper isn’t enough, we need goalkeepers who are also willing to lead. In the same […]

Do I lead from the front or the back-

Do I lead from the front or the back?

The old-school model of leadership says; the leader is always in the front, at the top, and the first to be seen. As I work with groups, I teach a different model of which leadership which asks leaders to shift from a model of hierarchy to a model that views leadership as influence. With this […]

Let Them Lead

Let them lead

A few months ago a well-respected college coach reached out to me about working with her team. She said they were coming off a good season but she was concerned about who her team leaders were going to be next year. The graduating seniors had been the core team leaders for several years and she wasn’t […]

FindYourNextFoothold (1)

Find Your Next Foothold

Find your next foothold is good advice when you are climbing Mount Everest and when you are climbing through life. That concept was recently put to the test in my own life. For the last four years, I have been based in Springfield, Illinois. As my business has grown I have found myself in the […]

Dear ADs

Dear Athletic Administrators …

Dear Athletic Administrators, this post is for you. I’ve been in and around the world of organized athletics long enough to have experienced firsthand how important this topic is. I recently had the opportunity to speak on this issue to a room full of Athletic Directors and I wanted to elaborate on my thoughts here. I strongly believe […]

Let Them Lead (1)

A guide for young leaders

As I look back on my coaching journey I am grateful that I had the opportunity to coach players at a variety of levels. While I finished my coaching career with elite level NCAA athletes some of my most enjoyable years were as a youth and high school coach. I often hear from youth and high […]