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Book Review: Help the Helper

Help the Helper by Pritchard & Eliot
Topic: Extreme Teamwork
Audience: Appropriate for teens and adults

Help the Helper is a must read for people who want to develop a culture of extreme teamwork. This book highlights the success that can happen when we truly become selfless and decide to do whatever it takes to help the team succeed. The book is full of examples of people who lead with a help the helper mentality.

One part of the book that I enjoyed was the introduction of the idea that we all need people who will lead like Sherpas.

Page 216: “When a climber shows you photographs of scaling Everest, there are always snapshots of their group hoisting arms and ice picks in celebration at the top of the mountain,” relates Domingo. “There’s never a Sherpa in those pictures.”

What he’s referencing is the contrast in mission between climber and guide. Hikers’ goals are to summit, to stake their flag in the mountain. Sherpas’ goals are to see to the hikers’ safety and survival. And while foul weather can derail climbers, Sherpas stop at no length to accomplish their goal.

Teams that I have been a part of that were highly successful all had a help the helper culture. When people come together and truly put the team first great things happen.