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Book Review: The Energy Bus

The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon
Topic: Positivity
Audience: Appropriate for Adults & Teens, he also has authored The Energy Bus for Kids

The Energy Bus is simple to read but full of deeply profound life lessons. The story centers around George, a father, husband and employee who is finding life’s challenges to be overwhelming and these challenges are taking a negative toll on his life. He is miserable and those around him are miserable too. One Monday morning George finds himself with a flat tire and he forced to take a city bus to work, which he is not at all happy about doing. Little did he know he was in for the ride of his life. While on the bus each day he learned from the driver, Joy, a series of ten life changing principles called The Ten Rules for the Ride of Your Life. Once he applies these rules to his life everything changes for him.

This book is easy to read, has great character developed and strong underlining moral themes. Whether you are a CEO of a large corporation or a young teenager this story will apply to you. I highly success taking the time to read The Energy Bus, but be warned, you might just find yourself enjoying the Ride of Your Life!