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Book Review: Leaders Eat Last

Leaders Eat Last  by Simon Sinek
Topic: Leadership
Audience: Appropriate for adults

Leaders Eat Last is a must read book for anyone interested in developing as a leader! Simon Sinek is an expect on culture and leadership and I found this book difficult to set down. The basic premise of the book is understanding how leaders must take care of their people and provide an environment where they feel safe. He provides many examples of how leaders can create an environment where people feel so safe that they are willing to take great risks. That culture of safety is the responsibility of great leaders.

He shares in detail about “The Circle of Safety” which is a concept that would transform any unhealthy culture into a culture of greatness. The concept embraces the idea that when trust exists within an organization the employees are able to focus on true danger, that which comes from outside the organization, rather than fearing what danger lies withing. If an organization has to fear danger from within they will fail to perform at the highest level.

He also talks about the idea that leadership is not a rank but rather a choice to serve others. Part of that service happens at critical times when we choose to put our people first. One of the ways we can take care of our people is to “eat last” even when our rank might be higher than theirs. Great leaders take care of their people and high functioning organizations understand this dynamic.

Sinek also talks about the idea that great leaders, at times, have to break the rules in order to protect their people. Great leaders must be able to see clearly what is in front of them and process what is best for their people. An organization might have a detailed manual encompassing all their policies and procedures but great leaders are able to go against the grain when they know their people are in danger.

Leaders East Last is a book that I would currently consider in my Top Five books to read on leadership. Find some time, grab a highlighter and enjoying the journey of learning about leadership from the perspective where “leaders eat last”.