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Book Review: Teammates Matter

Teammates Matter by Alan Williams
Topic: Teamwork and Playing your Role
Audience: Appropriate for teens and adults

Teammates Matter is a must read for anyone who is a part of a team. Author Alan Williams, a member of the Wake Forrest Men’s Basketball, shares stories from his perspective on the team.  Despite his work ethic Alan finds himself sitting the bench for the bulk of his four years. In fact during his four year career he played a total of 59 minutes. That is correct, 59 minutes over a four year span.

What he does very well in Teammates Matter is bring into perspective the reality that we each have a role to play and every role matters. While he wasn’t a well known player he did play his role better than anyone else could have and he found ways to make his teammates better. He also brought to the light the value of what his teammates did for him. He gives several wonderful of examples of teammates who weren’t going to let others look down on him or on the role he played.

People who aren’t athletes can also benefit from the concept of knowing your role which is so prevalent in Teammates Matter. It is valuable resource for all-star players, bench warmers, coaches, fans and parents. Do you want to play your role the best you can?  Give yourself a few hours to read Teammates Matter and I think you will be energized to play your role.