Circle of Influence: “Paper Puzzles”

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Circle of Influence: “Noodle, Name & Hobby”

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Circle of Influence: How to use ice breakers

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Circle of Influence: “A mighty wind blows”

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Circle of Influence: Gravity

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Circle of Influence: A Circle in A Circle

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Circle of Influence: What to do?

While preparation is often a key to effective teambuilding there are certainly moments when you find yourself with downtime and a captive audience. In those moments it is nice to know you have some activities you can fall back on. Below are two activities that work great with groups of all sizes and require next to no preparation or supplies.

“What is it?” 

Split your group into groups of 3-4 people. If they have something to write with that will be helpful. They can even use a note app on their phones if they don’t have pens and paper.

The objective will be for the group to list as many possible questions to the statement you give them. For example:

“The answer is once a year.” 

The group might list:

How often do you celebrate Christmas?
How often do you go to the eye Doctor?
How often do you wash your bed sheets? (I hope not!)

Then ask each group to pick their best answer and share it with the entire group. Each group will then vote for which team had the best answer. (Groups cannot vote for themselves.) You can play as many rounds as you’d like!

“Connect the dots”

Again, split your group into groups of 3-4 people. Ideally, they will have something to write with but you can be creative and work with what you have.

For this activity, you will share a pair of words and ask the groups to come up with connections between the items. For example:

“Connect the dots between a calendar and a cat.”

The group might list:

You can purchase a calendar with cat photos.
You could write your cat’s birthday on a calendar.
You put important dates on a calendar and on a Friday night you might stay in and have an important date with your cat. (Some people do!)

Once again, ask each group to pick their best answer and share it with the entire group. Then vote for which group came up with the best answer. You can repeat as many time as you want.

These are two simple ways to keep a group engage and connected when you suddenly find a group stuck at an airport, waiting to get into a reserved room, or in a holding pattern until others arrive so you can start your session.

Both of these activities tend to provide a lot of humor so be careful what you ask for 🙂


Change is coming!

I am so excited to finally let you know that major changes are happening behind the scenes with The Circle of Influence Membership Site! We have listened to your feedback and I believe what we are unrolling will be exciting and useful for all of you!

Here is what you can expect:

  1. The price will be cut in half! Come on, who doesn’t like that?!
  2. The amount of material you will get each month will double! We will now post every Monday morning. The posts will be automated so you will know that first thing Monday morning you can access new material.
  3. The Circle of Influence will be designed around 26 ice breakers and team building worksheets. These will be posted as a jpg preview on the site, but there will be a PDF download provided for each worksheet.
  4. Additionally, on the first Monday of each month, we will provide a blog post on a specific team building topic.
  5. Since the material will cover 26 weeks you will be able to join at any point, stay for 26 weeks, and then you will have collected all the worksheets. We will recycle the material every six months so people really can join at any time.
  6. The material will be intentionally designed for coaches of athletic teams, teachers, and leaders.

I am so excited about the changes we are making and I am thrilled to be able to better serve those who desire to develop others. You can sign up here and you will see the changes starting Monday, Oct, 2nd.

Thanks for being a part of the Circle of Influence! Molly