Conflict Resolution Workshops

When people work together it is natural that conflict may arise. Understanding conflict resolution is an important skill for groups to develop. While the topic may sound painful the process we use includes self-reflection, group processing, SWOT analysis and role-play. This is a session that typically includes some humor.

Participants will gain a greater understanding of who they become in conflict, who others become in conflict and what adjustments they can make in a situation of conflict to increase the odds of resolution.

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“Working with Molly on conflict resolution opened our eyes to a different way of looking at conflict. Our team began to see why their teammates approach conflict the way they do, and as a coach, I was able to see how each player handles challenging situations. The girls enjoyed getting to understand the different styles or “animal code names” and still refer to their teammates in their animal references. It really shined a new light to help us understand our team.”
Shannon Nicholson Head Softball Coach, University of Illinois Springfield