Team LABS (Learning in an Activity Based Setting)


Team LABS (Learning in an Activity Based Setting) are a great team building tool because they are rooted in experiential learning. Team LABS are appropriate for an athletic team, a non-profit organization, a class, corporate groups, a school, an administrative staff, working groups or Residence Life staff to grow and develop.

Team LABS include fun hands-on activities and group processing. Many of the activities involve real-time problem-solving skills which replicate what groups have to do on a daily basis. Because the activities are happening in real-time we are often able to see the true dynamics of a group. The activities and the group processing allow the group to stretch and grow in a safe and supportive setting. Most Team LABS take 90 minutes to complete and are facilitated by one of our staff members.

We currently offer Team LABS on the following topics: Team Building, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Team Dynamics, and Teamwork. By going through this process groups are better equipped to handle challenges and adversity.

Click here to see a video of Team LABS in action.

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