Faculty and Staff Retreats

Our culture demands a lot of educators. We expect educators to constantly give but rarely do we pause long enough for them to recharge. We’ve all heard the example of putting on your oxygen mask before you try and help others. We believe that teachers are in need of opportunities for self-care and development so they can continue to provide for others.

The work we do with teachers is incredibly meaningful. We are aware that many teachers have resigned to the fact that much of their time is spent on empty. During a faculty & staff retreat, we create safe space, encourage self-reflection, provide group discussion questions, and utilize experiential learning activities.

This process is designed to provide an environment for personal growth. Our desire is to help you reconnect with who you are, to encourage you to rediscover your purpose, and to reenergize you for the work you feel called to do in the world.

The phrase, “to retreat” means to withdraw to a place of safety. By participating in a retreat you are physically removing yourself from the chaos of the world in order to make space to recognize your own needs.  After a retreat, we often hear participants saying they felt seen and heard, and that our process was a unique experience for them.

Previous clients have requested topics like leadership development, writing a personal mission statement, understanding your individual value and worth, healthy communication, and conflict resolution but your retreat will be designed to meet your specific needs.

We would love the opportunity to help your faculty and staff to be at their very best so they can be of service to others. Please use the “Get In Touch” form on the homepage us to request more information about Faculty and Staff Retreats.

“Our back to school workshop with Molly was totally awesome!  The exercises equipped our faculty to work together toward a common goal, communicate clearly and realize individual differences. Team-building activities stretched us beyond our normal thinking.  There was great sensitivity given to each participant’s comfort level.  Molly was a high-energy, positive, fast-paced, professional facilitator who made the sessions fun and invigorating!  Our staff was totally refreshed and energized and ready to begin/continue honest, healthy, working relationships with one another.”
Sharon Marshall Co-Director, Mt. Calvary CECE, St. Louis MO