Leadership Academies

We are able to provide half-day, full day and weekend Leadership Academies. Each Academy is designed to meet the needs of the attendees. A typical Leadership Academy will include a session on leadership and several other topics like communication, personal mission statements, team values, and problem-solving. These sessions will include hands-on activities, self-reflection and group processing

These events can be a great way to bring students together to serve as better leaders on a team, in a school, or in a community.

“Attending the Leadership Academy led by Molly Grisham, was no less than life changing for me. Molly’s focus on leadership and positive cultures has changed the course of my approach to my teams, staff and even my life. Meeting Molly re-energized me and motivated me to strive to be a person of influence in the lives of my student-athletes.”
Jen Brooks Athletic Director, Ursuline Academy, St. Louis Missouri