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There are a variety of service we offer. to learn more about what we offer please see below. For a list of our clients click here.

Leadership Discovery

Leadership Discovery is a unique leadership development course designed to help you discover your path to leadership growth. Through this course you will learn to define leadership as well as study five tangible leadership practices; Great Leaders Say Come with Me, Great Leaders Do the Dirty Work, Great Leaders Pay it Forward, Great Leaders Burn the Ships & Great Leaders Take Care of their People. Each lesson contains a story, an example, self-reflection/discussion questions, a call to action and suggestions on how to put each topic into practice.

Leadership Discovery is a course that is available for teams, schools, groups or individuals. The first lesson is conducted with one of our staff members via Skype or live and the five remaining sessions can be facilitated by a teacher, coach or it can be lead by one of our staff members.

We believe leadership is a skill, we believe leadership is a choice and we believe leadership can be taught and developed. With Leadership Discovery we develop the leaders the world has been waiting for.

“Leadership Discovery changed our program & focused individuals on the things they can do to become better teammates & people. The lessons allowed individuals to share things they otherwise would not have had an opportunity to share & ultimately gave us a vision of where we can go as a group. We have grown in many ways, allowing ourselves to be challenged in ways we have not and stronger when it matters.” Jen Dyson, Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Westminster College

“While working with Molly & utilizing Leadership Discovery our young team made great strides in discovering that each of them had the ability to lead. They began looking at issues in a new light and had the confidence to help the team overcome challenges.”
Shannon Nicolson, Head Softball Coach, University of Illinois Springfield.

Click here to read more about the University of Illinois Springfield Softball Team’s experience with Leadership Discovery.

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8de9e0215992ca9a36493ef87e7eb754-jpg-400x400Team LABS (Learning in an Activity Based Setting)

Team LABS are a great team building tool. Team LABS appropriate for an athletic team, a non-profit organization, a class, corporate groups, a school, an administrative staff, working groups or Residence Life staff to grow and develop.

Team LABS include fun hands-on activities and group processing. Many of the activities involve real-time problem solving skills which replicate what teams or groups have to do on a daily basis. Because the activity is happening in real-time we are often able to see the true dynamics of a team. The activity and the group processing allow the team or group to stretch and grow in a safe and supportive setting. Most Team LABS take 90 minutes to complete and are facilitated by one of our staff members.

We currently offer Team LABS on the following topics: Team Building, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Team Dynamics and Teamwork. By going through this process groups are better equipped to handle challenges and adversity.

Click here to see a video of Team LABS in action.

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MBTI Certified Logo (PMS)_hiresMyers-Briggs Type Indicator Certified Practitioner 

Molly is a MBTI Certified Practitioner. She is trained and certified to administer and interpret the MBTI Step I and MBTI Step II assessments. These assessments can be utilized for individuals seeking insights about themselves and how they interact with others. It can help to improve how they communicate, learn and work.

The MBTI can also be utilized for groups in team development, leadership development, stress management and conflict resolution.

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Molly is available to facilitate workshops for groups of any size. She has worked with students, sports teams, organizations, leadership teams and international groups. She is well versed in activity based learning, team building and self-discovery techniques. She is able to tailor her teaching and facilitation methods to meet the specific needs of each group she works with. Molly has refined her facilitation skills by working with teams and groups for the last 20 years. She has also trained with Training for Change to develop as a better facilitator.

Molly recently presented workshops for the Summit for Transformative Learning in St. Louis MO, CharacterPlus National Convention in St. Louis MO, Ursuline Academy Athletic Staff in St. Louis Mo, the University of Illinois Springfield Athletic Department Administrative Staff, The University of Illinois Wheelchair Basketball Coaches Clinic in Champaign Il and a general coaches clinic in St. Louis MO.

Some sample topics that she has presented on recently are; Understanding Leadership, Understanding the Significance of your Influence, Conflict Resolution and Holistically Developing your Student Athletes.

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31Speaking Engagements

Molly is available for speaking events. She is comfortable speaking to groups of any size and will tailor her message to meet the needs of the group she is speaking to.

Molly recently spoke at the Character Brunch in Perryville MO, Visitation Academy in St. Louis MO, the Skippy Keiffer Awards Banquet St. Louis Mo and at the University of Illinois Wheelchair Basketball Camp in Champaign Il.

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10443425_765307190187400_4051553345431313534_nGirls in Sports Leadership Academy

2016 will be the 3rd summer that we have hosted the Girls in Sports Leadership Academy.

What if your sport experience could be different? What if you could compete at a high level and still have fun? What if there was less team drama and more team building? What if the yelling on the sidelines turned to cheering? What if you could fall in love with your sport all over again? You can and we can help you. We can teach you how to lead yourself, your teammates and those around you to a new place for a new experience.

The Girls in Sports Leadership Academy is open to any high school girl who plays any sport at any level. You don’t need to be a captain or even a key player. We believe everyone has influence and we want to teach you how to use your influence for good.

We know things can be different and we know you can make a difference. At the Girls in Sports Leadership Academy we use the sport experience to develop the leaders the world is waiting for. What are you waiting for?

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