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Book Review: Creativity, Inc

Creativity by Catmull
Topic: Building a Creative Culture
Audience: Adults


Creativity, Inc was a book that had been suggested to me by several people. At first glance I wasn’t sure it was for me, but then I heard the author, Ed Catmull, speak at The Global Leadership Summit. I quickly learned I needed to reconsider my resistance.

Creativity, Inc is not simply about being creative, rather it encourages leaders to establish a healthy and creativity culture. From day to day tasks, to meetings, to major corporate decisions creativity changes the process and changes the outcome. Ultimately it changes the experience for all involved.

Catmull speaks a lot about fear and the need to remove fear from the creative process. One quote that spoke to me was, “In a healthy, creative culture, the people in the trenches feel free to speak up and bring to light differing views that can help give us clarity.” Now that sounds like a lovely place to work 🙂

Creativity, Inc is a great read for those who desire to think outside the box and create a culture where people can thrive.