What others are saying

Lindsey Aliano

“The Girls in Sports Leadership Academy is an eye opening experience. Student athletes and coaches alike will learn to positively implement leadership strategies into their teams, programs, school, etc. The Girls in Sports Leadership Academy helps leaders promote a team culture that is vital for success and can assist with the struggles that come along with being a part of any athletic program.”

Lindsey AlianoHead Soccer Coach Elkhorn South High School, Elkhorn Nebraska
Bill Bommarito

“I have had the opportunity to see Molly enthusiastically and with great passion deliver her program to a room full of coaches. She was outstanding. Addressing a room full of high school coaches is not an easy task and Molly not only did it with ease, she did it with direction, conviction and an end game which will truly affect how these coaches move forward and positively affect their players both on and off the field of play. In addition, I have had the opportunity to meet with Molly one on one and I was able to hear the story behind her program and her mission and she is truly dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our student athletes.”

Bill BommaritoFounder of Coaching Coaches, St. Louis MO
Jen Brooks

“Attending the Girls in Sports Leadership Academy led by Molly Grisham, was no less than life changing for me. Molly’s focus on leadership and positive cultures has changed the course of my approach to my teams, staff and even my life. Meeting Molly re-energized me and motivated me to strive to be a person of influence in the lives of my student-athletes.”

Jen BrooksAthletic Director Ursuline Academy, St. Louis MO
Janet Myers

“Molly is a courageous communicator that sets into motion a vision that allows others to take risks, gain personal growth, learn, and become leaders themselves! She is a listener, communicator, developer, and an activator. Get ready for your life to be changed!”

Janet MyersTeacher Norris Middle School, Firth NE
Peter Tasker

“The first time I heard Molly speak, my thought was how on earth do I get her in front of our athletes and coaches — she’s that inspirational and her message is that powerful! Leadership is a skill, about which Molly has such a wonderful intuitive grasp, and she has developed a cutting-edge curriculum to teach it. Even some of our most accomplished coaches struggle with how to teach our athletes to lead, and this is where her work is so essential. Molly’s research and life experience is so central to raising stronger, healthier, and more balanced kids that this workshop could just as easily be called “Life Skills 101.” Something this good needs to be published for all to benefit!”

Peter TaskerAthletic Director John Burroughs High School, St. Louis Missouri
Rachel Twist

“Molly is a leader whose footsteps are ones that I hope to follow. As my coach, Molly instilled a positive team culture through her passionate, dedicated leadership. As my mentor, Molly is a constant source of guidance and support as I move into the teaching and coaching world. Molly is a magnetic force for all females trying to emerge as professionals. She teaches, coaches, and leads with heart and with passion, she lives her life today for others so that they might lead tomorrow.”

Rachel TwistTeacher/Coach Skutt Cathoic High School, Omaha NE
Debby Watson

“Molly Grisham takes her audience on a transformative journey. She is not just another speaker on leadership. Her simple and powerful approach shifts your thinking and your actions as a leader towards what’s working and what’s possible, transforming each one in the audience into the kind of leader that is more effective at motivating and inspiring the people they lead. Her message is a must-hear for those who want to lead so that others will follow.”

Debby Watson President Barat Academy, St. Louis MO
Stephanie Wheeler

“At our wheelchair basketball camps at the University of Illinois, we were looking for a way to set us apart from the rest of the summer camps out there. I knew that having Molly facilitate sessions for the athletes and coaches that attended the camp would be that something that differentiated us. She engaged 80 12-19 year olds in meaningful learning about leadership and what it means to be a great teammate. She was equally as impressive when working with our learning coaches, reminding them that they are significant in the lives of their athletes. She set our camp above and beyond what other universities can offer with her compassion, knowledge, and professionalism.”

Stephanie WheelerHead Coach USA Women‘s Wheelchair Basketball & the University of Illinois Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team, Champaign IL